1.Don’t show your ugly side to the rest of the establishment.
If you know you are not nice after a few cocktails, control yourself. We do not wish to remove you.

2. Keep your pants on.
No nudity – shoes, shirts, skirts, pants or shorts must be kept on at all times. Ties may be removed at your discretion. NO TANK TOPS for GUYS and pants must be worn at waist level.

3. Take it outside.
While we’ll accept drunken banter and bickering, if you want to fight, take it elsewhere, or you will be escorted by our Black belt, Secret Ops, Peace Keeping Security Staff.

4. Watch yer mouth… there are ladies in the house.
While the occasional slip of the tongue “f***” or “*utsa!” might be okay, really dirty language will get you thrown out of the bar, restaurant and bowling center.

5. No Drugs.
We have all seen what they do to eggs. What you do at home is your business, what you do here is ours. If you are caught you will be removed from the property and arrested. This is your warning.

6. Watch your children.
We love them, we welcome them, we are all family. If your young child is clearly disrupting others it’s up to you to step in and be the parent. This includes (but is not limited too) biting, eating off strangers plates, and reciting all the state capitals as loud as possible repeatedly. Kids under 18 will need a parent or guardian after 8 :00pm. The second floor is off limits to those under 21, except during private events. Adults will be able to stay unaccompanied until closing, assuming they follow the house rules.

7. No Underage Drinking.
The occasional sip of wine at home may be fine with you but we have strict state and federal laws that need to be enforced. Any underage person caught drinking or attempting to purchase alcohol will be turned over to the authorities and immediately removed from the property. If you are of age assisting you will also be prosecuted and removed. There are NO exceptions to this rule!

8. No means No…not maybe.
As much as you are God’s gift to the world. People are invited here for a good time and it may not always include you. If you are asked to leave somebody alone, or get a “No Thank You” for buying a drink please move on. Better luck next time!

9. Drinking and Driving is not a game.
We care about you even after you leave. If you need a cab, or you’re a high roller and only take limos we will gladly call you one. You can pick your car up in the morning.

10. Enjoy yourself.
You are most likely visiting our establishment because you want to have a good time and be entertained. Please do so with abundance!

We appreciate your patronage, please drink responsibly, and drive safely!

On Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 8P.M. all ID’s will be scanned upon admittance NO EXCEPTIONS. We do not accept bills larger than $50. We do not accept checks for payment of services. Complimentary Valet parking is available on Friday and Saturday nights. Overflow parking is ONLY available at the rear of the Waterford Lakes Town Center. No outside food or beverages permitted.

Please note this is the fine print. We take the safety and overall experience of our guests very seriously. By entering our establishment you are agreeing to the above rules and conditions. Management has the right to refuse service to anyone. This establishment has video surveillance, smile!