It started out on a typical East Orlando hot afternoon. What to do with the children for fun?

With nothing remotely close to pleasing everyone it was apparent something needed to be done, and done quickly as the children were growing so fast. The idea was born to create a place that has something fun for everyone, even more than just the children. Could there be a place in Orlando that also would be fun for everyone from the very young to the merely young at heart?

It would have to be extravagant; bowling would be a fun addition. It would need a restaurant for families to feed hungry little mouths and quench big thirsts. It would also need huge TVs so nobody would have to pick between missing the big game and spending time with family and friends. Last but not least, it would certainly need an arcade fit for kinds and queens of all sizes.

What about private party rooms? With all this family fun it also needed a special place for adults to escape the children, and yes even a dance floor. So began the dream to build a place that East Orlando families would be proud to call their own; The Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center.

Such a great place, why such a funny name?

What’s a Firkin??

A firkin is an old English unit of volume. The name is derived from the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn, which means fourth, i.e. a quarter of a full-size barrel.

For beer and ale a firkin is equal to nine imperial gallons, seventy-two pints, or a quarter of a barrel (40.91481 litres). Casks in this size (themselves called firkins) are the most common container for cask ale. A firkin is equal to half a kilderkin.

For wine the firkin had a larger size, namely a third of a tun. A tun being 210 gallons in the UK and 252 fluid gallons in the US, thus a wine firkin is about 318 l (318.226 or 317.975). It is also called tertian or, preferably, puncheon (in the US also shortened to pon).

What’s a Kegler??

A kegler is someone participating in the sport of bowling, either as an amateur or professional. In American ten-pin bowling, a bowler is most commonly a member of a team of three to six people. Most bowling leagues limit the number of team members to five, with alternates available as needed.

Scoring a “Kegler” is 12 consecutive strikes in one game of bowling by one individual bowler, otherwise noted as a perfect game with a score of 300 (100% strikes).