A Great Night at The Firkin & Kegler With Friends

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Enjoyed an evening at The Firkin and Kegler with friends for the first time. I haven’t bowled since I was a small child, so it was fun to be reintroduced to the experience. My husband had been bowling at the Aloma bowling lanes with friends a few weeks back, so it was a good compare and contrast for him.

The large space is divided up into a few difference areas. Entry level is the firkin pub, arcade games, snack bar, bar and bowling lanes. Upstairs is all over 21 and has a large dance floor, bar and pool/darts that overlooks the first floor. This is nice, since the jumbo TV’s over the bowling lanes can be easily viewed if it’s crowded and the closer upstairs TV’s are playing music videos instead of sports games.

We bowled for a few hours, 2 couples. We were not talented, but had a great time and each of us made a few strikes, so we weren’t complete bowling losers. That said, you can tell who the regulars are, holy cats! The scoring is automatic, nice selection of different weight bowling balls, shoe rentals were nice. (Shoes were new, clean and not gross.) The layout of the bowling seating areas is staggered, so the right side of the lane pair (sharing a console) is closer and the left lane is back. Nice to give everyone some space when the lanes are full, like they were when we were there.

The jumbo TV’s are great, they are 5 lanes wide so we could easily watch the Magic game and a hockey playoffs game a few lanes down. The bar service was nice, a server will take your order and you have the option of running a tab (give them your CC to hold) or cashing out by the round. Nice draft beer selections, good mix of premium and domestic beers. There are all kinds of beer and bowling specials during the week, so we’ll be back. Hubby was very impressed with how nice everything was and the great selection of beers, not your typical bowling alley beers. Prices weren’t bad, either.

After “tearing it up” on the lanes we headed upstairs and played a few rounds of darts. Nice upstairs area, good pool tables and nice electronic dart boards. Again, you can pay at the bar with a tab (give them your CC to hold) or cash out by the round. The night we were here, there was no server, so it was get your drink by the bar.

All in all, a fun night and a great place to watch any type of sporting event.

Written by Lisa W. via yelp.com

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  1. Hello,
    I am interested in obtaining information for your facility to host a bowling outting for married couples on March 16th 2012. Could please send an estimated cost of the use of two lanes that would include shoes for up to 15 couples? I would alo like to know if March 16th is available for a great night out. I may also be reached by e-mail -hilldeborah47@yahoo.com or at 407-394-4971 by cell phone.

    Thanks for your help,
    Deborah Hill

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